With so many needs in the world, Kaboso Safari Camp is purposefully oriented towards being involved in the local community. We observe that though we are all equal in dignity, we nonetheless are not all equally favoured. Africa, with all its beauty, wouldn’t be as special without the people, which is why, part of our endeavour, is to recognize and involved ourselves by giving back to the local community. This is central to our values, and is why we also believe in the power of collaboration – one of the African virtues of old – carefully handed down generations.

During your stay, we enhance guest experiences by offering you the opportunity to become involved in the lives of the people who give us so many wonderful experiences. To be sure, your participation is longed for, yet it is totally optional. The linchpin of our approach, that is holistic and transformative, aims at empowering the locals both socially and economically without warping their cultural ideals.

An instance of an initiative achieved through partnerships is, we managed to provide 120 double-decker beds and beddings to an institution for school going girls who formerly, had been laying on bare ground. We make regular visits and in the spirit of displaying that the support we offer goes to those who are actually in need, we invite you to visit one of our projects during your safari.