Kenya is an Ornithologist’s Paradise, with over 1,070 species of birds that Kenya boasts of, you can validly experience a safari through your binoculars. Truly Kenya’s charm lies in its variety, and waking up to an opera of birdsong – for the amateur and serious ornithologist – it’s enough to rouse one’s senses and treasure each moment.

With more than 15 years of experience our team of guides is dedicated to provide a rich experience, but suited to your comfort. With a familiar knowledge of the 550-recorded species found in the Mara conservancy, before you know it, you’ll learn to see the regal raptors that patrol above, to the iridescent sunbirds that sip the flowers below. And in between there’s a vibrant showcase of turacos, kingfishers, rollers, larks, herons and geese to be enjoyed. We offer a range of half or full day outings which can be custom tailored to match the specific interests of your ornithological party. We think of everything so that all you have to focus on is watching those beautiful birds.